Christina Skye

Code Name: Blondie

Информация о книге:

Автор книги: Christina Skye

Издательство: HarperCollins


Год издания: 0



Miki is living every woman's fantasy–stranded on a desert island with a rugged navy SEAL. But little does Miki know she's a suspect in an international high-tech robbery, and her steely-eyed companion is ready, willing and able to do anything to make her talk….Navy SEAL Max Preston doesn't buy one word of his gorgeous captive's rambling story as he carries her up the beach. Yeah, she's got curves in all the right places, but Max has a nose for a con–and there's no way he'll let his iron control waver.Now a hurricane's headed their way, and for Max and Miki time is running out fast. Can they team up as friendly forces–and use Max's amazing canine companion to escape before a deadly villain takes his twisted revenge?

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