One Man and a Baby

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      In the final second before Ashley pressed her lips to his, she closed her eyes.

      Sensation sizzled through her, but not just from sexual chemistry. The knowledge that she and Rick fit made her bold, curious. What would it be like to be involved with a man who didn’t hesitate to teach her, to consider her an equal, to love her for real, not just for her money?

      Putting her hands on Rick’s shoulder, Ashley stepped closer, deepening the kiss.

      Dear Reader,

      July might be a month for kicking back and spending time with family at outdoor barbecues, beach cottages and family reunions. But it’s an especially busy month for the romance industry as we prepare for our annual conference. This is a time in which the romance authors gather to hone their skills at workshops, share their experiences and recognize the year’s best books. Of course, to me, this month’s selection in Silhouette Romance represents some of the best elements of the genre.

      Cara Colter concludes her poignant A FATHER’S WISH trilogy this month with Priceless Gifts (#1822). Accustomed to people loving her for her beauty and wealth, the young heiress is caught off guard when her dutiful bodyguard sees beyond her facade…and gives her a most precious gift. Judy Christenberry never disappoints, and The Bride’s Best Man (#1823) will delight loyal readers as a pretend dating scheme goes deliciously awry. Susan Meier continues THE CUPID CAMPAIGN with One Man and a Baby, (#1824) in which adversaries unite to raise a motherless child. Finally, Holly Jacobs concludes the month with Here with Me (#1825). A heroine who thought she craved the quiet life finds her life invaded by her suddenly meddlesome parents and a man she’s never forgotten and his adorable toddler.

      Be sure to return next month when Susan Meier concludes her CUPID CAMPAIGN trilogy and reader-favorite Patricia Thayer returns to the line to launch the exciting new BRIDES OF BELLA LUCIA miniseries.

      Happy reading!

      Ann Leslie Tuttle

      Associate Senior Editor

      One Man and a Baby

      The Cupid Campaign

      Susan Meier

      For my brothers and sisters and friends.

      If you hadn’t endured hours of phone conversations and encouraged me, I wouldn’t be here today.

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      is one of eleven children, and though she’s yet to write a book about a big family, many of her books explore the dynamics of “unusual” family situations, such as large work “families,” bosses who behave like overprotective fathers or “sister” bonds created between friends. Because she has more than twenty nieces and nephews, children also are always popping up in her stories. Many of the funny scenes in her books are based on experiences raising her own children or interacting with her nieces and nephews. She was born and raised in western Pennsylvania and continues to live in Pennsylvania.

      Dear Reader,

      This second installment of The Cupid Campaign has bad boy Rick Capriotti meeting his match in Ashley Meljac. Competing for the same job, they set out to exploit each other’s weaknesses. Instead, they find an incredible attraction that seems all wrong but just won’t go away.

      Ashley was a great character to create and explore because she’s a strong, determined woman. Taken for half of her inheritance once before, Ashley has something to prove. And if she falls for Rick, she’ll become a laughingstock.

      But Rick is handsome, sexy and the best kisser on the planet. He’s also got a secret tucked away that he’ll defend at all costs….

      It’s a fun book about serious subjects that made me laugh and cry as I was writing. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

      Susan Meier


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