Charlotte Maclay

Only Bachelors Need Apply

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       “I’m a man, Joanna. A guy who’d someday like to have a wife and family of his own.”

      His lips brushed hers in a heated caress, as if to emphasize his point.


      She leaned into his kiss. Dimly she realized she shouldn’t be doing this. They had no future together. To encourage him was wrong.


      For the past ten years she’d tried to remain resolute in accepting the cards fate had dealt her. Now was not the time to weaken.


      “I’ve got to go,” she whispered against his lips.


      “Sure. I understand.”


      He released her slowly, and she ached with the futile desire that he never would do so…

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      Only Bachelors Need Apply

      Charlotte Maclay

      Special thanks to Tom, for his mountain biking

      expertise, and to Chuck, as always, for his technical advice.


      has always enjoyed putting words on paper. Until recently, most of these words have been nonfiction, including a weekly newspaper column, which has recruited nearly twenty thousand volunteers in the past twenty years for some four hundred different local nonprofit organizations.


      When she is not urging people to get involved in their community, Charlotte divides her time among writing, volunteering for her favorite organizations (including Orange County Chapter of Romance Writers of America), trying not to mother two married daughters and sharing her life in Southern California with her own special hero, Chuck.

       Chapter One

      “He had the nerve, the absolute gall, to tell me I need a husband!” With a sense of utter frustration, Joanna Greer tossed her purse onto the kitchen table.

      Turning from her task of watering the jungle of plants on the windowsill, Agnes Greer asked her daughter, “Who told you that, dear?” She smiled benignly as the water continued to pour out of the copper watering can…onto the floor.

      Joanna lifted the spout. “The bank manager when he turned down my loan request, that’s who.”

      “Oh, my, that is too bad.”

      Tearing off a string of paper towels, Joanna knelt to mop up the spilled water. Given her mother’s tendency to be easily distracted, this was a minor accident. “Too bad? It’s disastrous. It’s already the middle of September. The rains will start in November, and the rental property