Alison Roberts

Daredevil, Doctor...Husband?

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       Praise for Alison Roberts

      ‘Readers will be moved by this incredibly sweet story about a family that is created in the most unexpected way.’

      —RT Book Reviews on

       The Honourable Maverick

      ‘I had never read anything by Alison Roberts prior to reading Twins for Christmas, but after reading this enchanting novella I shall certainly add her name to my auto-buy list!’


       ‘Would you like to come in for a drink or something?’

      Summer turned her head as well, and suddenly their faces were too close. She could see the genuine warmth of that invitation in his eyes.

      What was the ‘something’ on offer as well as a drink?

      Whatever it was, she wanted it. The attraction was as strong as it was unexpected. She could feel the curl of it deep in her belly. A delicious cramp that eased into tendrils and floated right down to her toes.

      She’d been fighting this from the moment she’d first seen the man this morning, hadn’t she?

      He was—quite simply—gorgeous…

      She couldn’t look away. Couldn’t find anything to say. All she could do was stare at those dark eyes. Feel the puff of his breath on her face. Notice the dark stubble on his jaw and how soft it made his lips look…

       Dear Reader,

      Sometimes my inspiration for a story comes from something tiny that I see or hear that strikes a chord and keeps resurfacing.

      About two years ago I moved from my earthquake-damaged home of the last thirty years in Christchurch to come to New Zealand’s biggest city: Auckland. I chose to live on the north side of the harbour bridge and found myself living within walking distance of a beach for the first time in my life. A very beautiful beach—Takapuna.

      On a warm night last summer I was on the beach, looking out over a sea as calm as a huge swimming pool, enjoying the silhouette of the volcanic island of Rangitoto, when I saw something that was one of those tiny things: a paddle boarder, quite a long way offshore, who had a big dog along for the ride, lying on the end of his board. It tugged at my heartstrings to recognise the bond they clearly had, and it made me smile every time I remembered.

      So that was my starting point. Now come and meet my heroine, Summer, who has a dog called Flint who rides on her board. You’ll get to spend some time on Takapuna Beach, too, where my gorgeous hero Zac is lucky enough to live. The sea isn’t always calm, of course. And what happens between Zac and Summer isn’t either…

      Happy reading!


      Alison xxx

      ALISON ROBERTS lives in Auckland, New Zealand, and has written over sixty Mills & Boon® Medical Romance™ books. As a qualified paramedic she has personal experience of the drama and emotion to be found in the world of medical professionals, and loves to weave stories with this rich background—especially when they can have a happy ending.

      When Alison is not writing you’ll find her indulging her passion for dancing or spending time with her friends (including Molly the dog) and her daughter Becky, who has grown up to become a brilliant artist. She also loves to travel, hates housework, and considers it a triumph when the flowers outnumber the weeds in her garden.


       Doctor… Husband?

      Alison Roberts

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      HE WAS NOTHING like what she’d expected.

      Well, the fact that he was tall, dark and ridiculously good-looking was no surprise for someone who’d been considered the most eligible doctor at Auckland General Hospital a couple of years ago but Summer Pearson had good reason to believe this man was a total bastard. A monster, even.

      And monsters weren’t supposed to have warm brown eyes and a smile that could light up an entire room. Maybe she’d made an incorrect assumption when she’d been given the name of her extra crew for the shift.

      ‘Dr Mitchell?’

      ‘That’s me.’

      ‘Zac Mitchell?’

      ‘Yep. My gran still calls me Isaac, mind you. She doesn’t hold with names being messed around with. She’s an iceberg lettuce kind of girl, you know? You won’t find any of those new-fangled fancy baby mesclun leaves in one of her salads because that’s another thing that shouldn’t get