Сергей Иванович Заяшников

Win in the fight! Encyclopedia of Fight: Muay Thai, MMA, Kickboxing (Part I: Muay Thai, reducted ver)

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Год издания: 2017



Whatever we say, we always aim for the victory! Especially if it is a martial arts fight. Nowadays Muay Thai, MMA and K-1 are the clear favorites among the professional fights shows. This the first volume (part) of the “Encyclopedia of fight” tells about Muay Thai. This is the reducted version. This book is a classical and fullest studying guide for Thai boxing. From the moment of its first edition more than 20 years ago, this book has become the tutorial for many generations of Thai boxers, and it is quoted in nearly all texts about Muay Thai. You see here the 5th edition of the book, and during the time passed, the material was significantly re-worked and enlarged. The book covers almost all sides of the subject: history, traditions, technique, methods, personalities and rules of Thai boxing. I will be glad if this book will help you at least a little bit to succeed in severe and beautiful world of martial arts! Sergey Zayashnikov, WBL (MT) president. Moscow – New-York, 2017.

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