Natalie Anderson

Blame it on the Bikini

Информация о книге:

Автор книги: Natalie Anderson

Издательство: HarperCollins


Год издания: 0



How not to get a guy’s attention…For Mya Campbell, trying on a ridiculously tiny bikini and texting her best friend the incriminating photo was supposed to be a private joke. Emphasis on the private. Realising she’s sent the photo to her best friend’s brother Brad…? Public humiliation of the highest order!Because hotshot lawyer Brad Davenport is one of those guys – tall, dark and definitely not interested in workaholics. Plus Mya doesn’t date players. In fact, she doesn’t date at all. But that’s before Brad sees a side of Mya he never knew existed…and makes seducing her his brand-new project…!

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