Ричард Бринсли Шеридан

The School for Scandal, The Rivals, and The Critic

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Издательство: Ingram


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isbn: 9781420935523


Combined in this volume are three of Richard Brinsley Sheridan's most loved works, The School for Scandal and The Rivals and The Critic. «The School for Scandal» is Richard Brinsley Sheridan's classic comedy that pokes fun at London upper class society in the late 1700s. Often referred to as a «comedy of manners», «The School for Scandal» is one Sheridan's most performed plays and a classic of English comedic drama. «The Rivals» was Richard Brinsley Sheridan's first play and while at first it was not well received it would go on to prove to be a great success and establish Sheridan as a major talent. «The Rivals» satirizes the pretentiousness of English society in the late 18th century. As witty and accessible today as when it was first written, «The Rivals» sparkles with the humor that Sheridan and his writing are known for. In «The Critic» Richard Brinsley Sheridan turns his attention to satirize the Theatre and all the people engaged in the business of the Theatre in late 18th century England. The critic of the story is a man by the name of Mr. Dangle and the play that is the subject of criticism is a horribly written production named «The Spanish Armada». Fans of Sheridan will delight in this lesser known work. Together these works make a great introduction to the works of Richard Brinsley Sheridan.

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