Natalie Anderson

One Summer At The Beach

Информация о книге:

Автор книги: Natalie Anderson

Издательство: HarperCollins

Серия: Mills & Boon M&B

Год издания: 0

isbn: 9781474054942


Pleasured by the Secret MillionaireGorgeous millionaire Rhys Maitland is tired of women throwing themselves at him just because his name denotes success. On meeting Sienna, Rhys hides the truth and insists they share one night only….…will have them both coming back for more! But Sienna's got her own secrets. Dressing carefully to conceal the scar that plagues her life, she doesn't know she's been exquisitely pleasured–by a secret millionaire! But when one night isn't enough, Rhys and Sienna will have to strip themselves bare–in every sense!Not-So-Perfect PrincessDutiful Princess Julianna has a secret – she's actually happiest makeup free, sailing with the sea breeze in her hair. Her attraction to rebel prince Alejandro is instant – but her intended is his brother, the proper but dull Enrique!For the first time, Julianna's irresistibly tempted. Before long, she's spending her nights sailing with gorgeous Alejandro while the rest of the palace believes she's sleeping. Soon she'll have to choose – remain the perfect princess, or follow her heart and stop sleepwalking her way through life….Wedding at Pelican BeachEva has come to Pelican Beach for a month – but on meeting Dr Zac Carlisle, staying put suddenly seems very tempting… Will the community spirit be enough for Zac to stop listening to his head and follow his heart…?

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