Natalie Anderson

Tycoon's Terms of Engagement

Информация о книге:

Автор книги: Natalie Anderson

Издательство: HarperCollins

Серия: Mills & Boon Modern

Год издания: 0

isbn: 9781472098740


The Winner Takes All… To notorious tycoon Jack Wolfe, billion-dollar deals are his lifeblood. So no one is more surprised than he is when his meeting with Australia’s most stylish blogger Steffi Johnson gets completely out of hand! He wants to buy her blog but, fascinated by her latent sensuality and too-smart mouth, he can’t resist making an entirely different offer…Steffi’s torn – she can’t afford to jeopardise the business deal, but Jack’s touch ignites a desire that is as addictive as it’s overwhelming! She recognises the demons driving him – it takes one to know one – but can she make this deal with the devil and walk away unscathed?Discover more at

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