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Modern Romance June 2015 Books 1-8

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      Operation: love.

      Former army pilot Mina Gaines isn’t looking for a hero. She’s too busy running her grandfather’s remote mountainside hotel to bother with love. That is, until a private plane crashes and brings danger to her doorstep…and a sexy stranger into her life. There’s no mistaking that a serious threat is near, but when faced with no other way to survive, can she trust that there’s more to Jake?

      Bringing a drug kingpin to justice is undercover DEA agent Jake Wolfe’s top mission. Now, with the beautiful Mina caught in the criminal’s crosshairs, he’s ready to take any risk to protect her—and keep her in his arms forever.

      “I gave it a try and I liked it,”

      Mina said with a note of humor in her voice. “I’ve always been a physical person and this life suits me.”

      Jake inhaled and exhaled. The clean mountain air was invigorating. “I can see what you mean. This is the life.”

      Mina laughed softly. “I’m glad you like it. You know you could be in a luxurious suite at Harrah’s Cherokee Casino Resort. They have over 1,100 rooms, plus a casino and a world-class entertainment center where top country music artists perform every weekend—”

      Jake leaned over and kissed her midsentence. He let her lead him, waiting for permission to deepen the kiss. He would have been satisfied with just the taste of her lips on his tongue. After a moment, Mina sighed softly and gave herself to him. Her hand came up to caress his cheek, and she leaned in to him. Jake marveled at how sweet she tasted and how well the two of them anticipated each other’s needs. It was a gentle kiss. It was a kiss to seal what they each knew was happening between them, a meeting of kindred souls.


      is the author of twenty-one novels and has had stories included in nine anthologies. She has been nominated for a Career Achievement Award by RT Book Reviews, and her novel Temptation’s Song was nominated for Best Kimani Romance Series in 2010 by RT Book Reviews. A longtime member of Romance Writers of America, she lives in Central Florida with her family.

      Safe in My Arms

      Janice Sims

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      Dear Reader,

      What makes a hero? Are they born with a sense of duty to others? Or do heroes simply react when the time comes to step up and save someone? In Safe in My Arms, both Amina Gaines and Jake Wolfe have suffered severe personal losses and are scarred by them.

      We all have scars. None of us go through life without being marked by them. It’s up to us whether or not those scars add to our character or detract from it. That’s what I found so fascinating about Mina and Jake: they were people who rose above misfortune and thrived. An accident brought them together, but what happened after that was no accident—it was Fate.

      I’m presently writing the third book in the Gaines Sisters series. You can contact me via Facebook,, [email protected] or at Post Office Box 811, Mascotte, Florida 34753-0811.



      Thanks to both Shannon Criss and Rachel Burkot for their editorial expertise in the production of Safe in My Arms. Your insights were most appreciated.

      This book is dedicated to my Yahoo group who has shown a great deal of loyalty over the years. You’re like an extended family. Thanks for being the kind of readers who not only write reviews all over the web, but have been known to make new converts by word-of-mouth.


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      Chapter 1

      “Oh, my God,” cried John Monahan, his face set in grim lines and his eyes on the Piper Matrix G1000’s fuel gauge. The indicator was perilously close to empty. “Somebody’s tampered with the fuel line. We don’t have enough to make it to the next town, let alone Atlanta.”

      Jake Wolfe, sitting next to him in the pilot’s seat, stared at him in disbelief. John had gone pale under his tan. Jake felt his stomach plummet as he leaned over to peer out of the side window. Although John had the plane in a controlled glide, it felt as if the forest of the Great Smoky Mountains was rising up to meet them.

      “We still have time to jump!” he said while unfastening his seat belt. When he had been loading the plane earlier today he’d spotted a couple of parachutes in the overhead storage compartment.

      “It’s worth a try,” said John, sounding far from confident.

      Hope blossomed in Jake’s chest when he found the parachutes. But on closer inspection, he discovered the rip cords on both of them had been irreparably damaged.

      He hurried back to his seat and buckled up. “They’re totally useless,” he reported to John.

      “It’s my fault,” John said gloomily as he did everything in